How To Vote

Step 1

Go to and click on the left navigation bar on "Voting".

Step 2

Open your ALQO-Wallet. Go to "Send" and click the "Inputs"-Button. (This button might not be visible - to make it appear make sure you have the "Coin-Control Feature" activated.

In the "Coin Selection"-Window you can see all your wallets and their amount.

This is important as your ALQO is equivalent of your voting power.

Please remember the ALQO-Wallet you want to vote with. If you have multiple addresses with ALQO on you can for sure vote with every single one!

Step 3

Get back to the Governance-System and enter the ALQO-Address you decided to vote with.

Clicking on "Submit" will show how much Voting Points you got.

Make sure to choose on which vote you want to participate and also choose between the given options.

Step 4

Copy the Voting-Message into your clipboard. This message includes your wallet-address, the vote you are participating on as well as the option you choosed.

Step 5

Back in your ALQO-Wallet, click on File -> Sign Message.

This will open a new window to sign messages based on your private-key.

Please keep in mind that signing a message doesn't mean we or anyone else knows your private-key!

Step 6

In the upper input-field you again enter your wallet-address to are trying to vote with.

Now paste in the Voting-Message in the big text-area and click on "Sign Message" to sign the message.

This will proof you are the owner of the wallet-address.

Copy the Signature generated.

Step 7

The last step is to get back to the Governance-System and enter the Voting Signature you just generated in your ALQO-Wallet.

To finalize your vote you now click on "Vote".